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G6-Flash 1Gb

G6Flash 1G Flash Cart 125x125

G6 PDA, Sizes from 256M to 2G, Real Time Clock, IPS Super Cheat, Code(Game Hunter), Automatic Super Memory Stick (ASMS), Hardware Saver Support, High Speed Linker.


Flash2Advance 64Mb 125x125

PogoShell Compatible (No RTC) Once connected, it can simply send and receive game GBA ROM data from or to the plugged in game or Flash Cartridge.

EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar

EZ Flash II 256Mb 125x125

RTC, Built-in support for NES, GB/GBC, SMS, PCE and ZX roms. The First and only card to date that uses the 1.8v memory chip insted of the 3.3v . saves about 60% energy. 100% DS compatible


GameCube Viper ModChip

GameCube Mod Chip Banner GIF 125x125

First Nintendo Game Cube Mod-Chip for NGC. High speed parallel port programmer is provided along with the FFC cable to connect to the Viper G. The viper GC's tailored PC application will enable users to transfer code via their PC Parallel port.

XG-Flash 2 Turbo

XG Flash II Turbo 256Mb 125x125

More saving space available. The unit block increases to 4Mbit. Support for games that use 1M flash for saving. Buillt-in RTC. 32M GBA Super Memory Stick


PlayStaion2 HD Advance

HD Advance Banner GIF 125x125

HDAdvance 2.1 supports up to 200GB HDD. The latest technology for PS2 to store backup and load game from HDD. HD Advance 2.1 supports converting Backup/Import Game discs to HDD. Load PlayStaion2 games faster from HDD Hard Disc.




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G6Flash 1G .

The New Swap Magic 3.3 comes with better compatibility and support all PS2 model including PSTwo SCHP-7000. Swap Magic 3.3 allows you to play all backup CD & DVD on your PS2 console

Magic Switch is designed for use with Swap Magic discs V3.3 on the PS2 SCPH-7000X. It is Simply slot in and away you go. Easy and simple installation

Brand New Cart - EZF Advance III release now. Linker4U